Friday, November 5, 2010

The Days Of Our Lives

Life has been over 23 years long for me..its too early to be talking of it yet but every now and then i have moments in my life where i find myself sitting back alone, wondering about the purpose of my life.. why exactly am i alive?and when i complete my role in this world wat so ever it is then i'll have to leave this the whole of my life i live out trying to fullfil a purpose that i don't know about and when i " accidently"fulfil my destiny..i'm screwed..i mean its like living for someone else your entire life and not realising that all i'm doing is nailing my own coffin..and wat if i die today? will that mean i fulfilled my destiny or jus that my life did not have a destiny?..when i get this confused i shake myself up from wat i was thinking and get on to wat ever strikes my mind next..but in the back of my mind i always belive that a destiny awaits, something worthy enough to live for atleast another day..
Thinking about the 23 years that i've walked this planet i don remember doing anything good enough to earn a ticket to heaven (or hell) good exactly can heaven or bad,hell be?..heaven can't be any better than a sunday evening in my room nor can hell be any worse than a monday afternoon in class, may be thats what life is all about..experiencing heaven and hell ,here on earth..playing the devil or angel in someone elses life but feeling helpless to deal with the simplest of problems we encounter in our own lives..may be thats why we need angels and deamons in our make us realise that no matter how much we play god we are not god..
Every day that we act devil or angel to someone else are the days that we fulfill a part of our destiny.. every day that we get to play god are the days we actually live..those, my friend,are the days of our lives..

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  1. I ve read this about a hundred times... but still I love it.. to the core... You are at ur best when u write hon...