Friday, November 5, 2010

The One With The Definition Of Love

I once overheard a story abt a soilder.The story goes like this

" A long time ago there lived a soilder who served in the army of a mighty king. The king had a very beautiful daughter.One day the soilder happened to see the princess and he fell in love wit her . he felt like heaven had fallen down on him..for days he kept thinking of her..when he thought he'd go mad wit her love he decided to tell the princess abt his feelings for her.. the next day he walked up to her and told her abt his feelings..the princess was not moved, she asked "who are you? are you the prince of some far away kingdom?"..
" no" replied the soilder" i'm a soilder in your fathers army"..
curious she asked " well then are you the bravest soilder in my fathers army?"
" no" replied the soilder "i may not be a prince nor the bravest soilder in the army,but i know one thing for sure no one in this whole world loves you as much as i do"
Princess was certainly not amused she said " i don't think so"..then the soilder said "i'll prove it to you. for the next 100 days i'll stand in the palace courtyard facing your window. i won't eat or sleep unless you come down and tell me that you belive in my love"
The next day onwards the soilder stood at the palace courtyard..he stood there facing the palace, during the burning hours of the day,and the freezing nights ..every morning the princess would come to her window and look at the soilder standing there.. everyday he'd watch her come to the window and gather up the strength to wait for another day to see her again..
Days passed the soilder grew weak he could barely stand but he didn't move..every morning he'd wait for the princess to come down..but she didn't come..
On the morning of the 100th day the princess opened the window..but didn't find the soilder there.. she ran to the courtyard and looked all around but didn't find the soilder..jus then a servent came upto her and told that the soilder had left the previous night..and was never heard off in the kingdom ever again..
"Now how stupid a story was that?" i wondered.. so i went to the soilder myself and asked him why he left on the 99th day after waithing for this long..he could hav waited for one more day..
He replied" if i had waited for one more day and she hadn't showed up then i'd hav to live out my life thinking of her as a stone hearted girl"
"Then why wait for the 99th day? you shud hav left the day when you started to think she'd never come down" i said.."if i had done so" he replied "she'd think of me as a fake and my love as impure..i didn't want her to doubt the purity of my love for her"

love is not about helping each other out of tough situation..its about sacrificing your happy moments to save your loved ones from never having to face a sad moment..its about protecting them not jus from others but also yourself..its about putting your loved ones first rather than putting your love for them first..some decisions in our life mean nothing..but when they mean a great lot to some one you care about,thats all the excuse you need to make that love someone is a responssiblity to keep them happy and is all about sacrifices ..sacrifices that only you know..sacrifices that have left you to doubt in your love for is about making those tough decisions for the people you love..they might never understand your intentions or feelings when you take those tough decisions for them..but then and there your love for them is honoured might go unnoticed sometimes but deep in your heart you'll know it yourself how much you loved someone..thats all that matters..ever


  1. Really heart touching story narrates 'wat is love man' Keep going man.....Awesome!!!!

  2. Its about sacrificing your happy moments to save your loved ones from never having to face a sad moment...
    I should probably have tht last para laminated n hung on my bedroom wall... its Philosophical hon...Plato wud probably have his eyes pulled out of his sockets when he reads this... its brilliant... I dunno y i jus said tht...well..its 2:45 n i m still workin on the last article... I m dead tired n sleepy but i had to come here n comment...:)
    I get it... I truly get it...

  3. read it thrice already.. loved it..